The medieval old town, preserves valuable monuments. The Western and southern part of the municipality is characterized by a succession of biancane and gullies that form the lunar landscape characteristics of the crete senesi, known since the middle ages as Accona desert .
Natural history
In 2008, by outcrops of Pliocene clays are only a few km from the town, emerged the fossilized remains of a dolphin species lived in the area more than 3 million years ago, at a time when the existing gullies were the backdrop of Tyrrhenian Sea. The finding was considered by scholars of great scientific value because it is a fossil species never studied earlier


Tower of Mencia (the civic Tower of Asciano)
-Kiln Asciano
-Walls of Asciano
Museum of palazzo Corboli (civic, sacred art and archaeology), classified by the Daily Telegraph among the fifteen best small museums in Italy [10]. preserves, among other things, the altarpiece of the Nativity of the Virgin of the master of Osservanza ..more info
Cassioli Museum (preserves important works of Sienese painting of the 19th century)