Frantoio Buraschi

It is nearly 40 years that “Frantoio Buraschi” produces Extravergine Olive Oil in the area of Montepulciano.
It is since 1963 that Otello and Carla Buraschi started the production of Olive Oil and today has been taken over, with great passion, by their daughters Alessandra and Emanuela, respecting the traditions of the “frantoio”.
The production of Olive Oil begins during the beginning of october and protraes until middle of january.
During this period approximately 4.500 quintals of olives from the surroundings and the province of Siena arrive in the “frantoio”.
The first step is the washing of the olives, the second step is the “frangitura” and then the hammering of the olives.
The paste is then analgamated for approximately 20 minutes before passing into teh decanter and then into the separators where the extraction of Olive Oil is ultimated.
This method is called “spremitura a freddo”. The oil obtained is characterized by low acidity and a delicate aftertaste of artichoke.



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