Radicofani Fortress

The existence of the fortress of Radicofani is documented since 978, although antecedents and origins date back to Carolingian times, when it was purchased by the monks of Abbadia San Salvatore.
The castle was a possession of the monks until 1153 when it was redeemed by the Papal States.
Because of its strategic location on the old via Francigena (is located on a hill 896 metres a.s.l and  the terrace reaches  the considerable height of 960 meters a.s.l.)
The fortress of Radicofani has a pentagonal outer defensive structure, while the inner one has a triangular shape with the ruins of the three corner towers and a central building (Quarterdeck) restored and open to visitors.
Near the entrance lies a large square called the discovery.

The visit to the Castle/fortress of Radicofani is possible every day 10.3019.30




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