Santi Biagio e Donato Parish Church

With a single nave, has a stone façade with a gable roof and square bell tower with double brick wing of the 17th century. The lintel figured that is located on the right wall, part of the lateral Portal buffered today the door of Candidates for access of the catechumens, dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries.
On the left wall is the door of the Dead, also buffered, which was used for the entrance to the cemetery. On the high altar, the Virgin and child in glory with Saints Blaise and Donated by Giuseppe Nicola Nasini (late 17th century). In the altar on the right, the adoration of the shepherds in the manner of Francesco Vanni (1601); in the one on the left, our Lady of the Rosary of Sienese scope (late 16th century).