Poggio alle Mura

The castle of Poggio alle Mura, now famous with the name of Banfi Castle, was born in the early medieval period prior to the year 1000 and developed significantly since the second half of the 13th century, after the battle of Montaperti (1260); then it was completely rebuilt in 1438 and restored in the 17th century. Today, along the wall there are two main doors, and a smaller one leading to the main courtyard, example of Renaissance architecture with arches, vaults, rear Windows and a 17th-century Medici coat of arms.
In 2007 were found here the fossilized remains of a whale lived in the area about five million years ago in the Pliocene period where the warm waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea covered the area occupied by the current vineyards.  the discovery and excavation work was carried out by researchers from the palenteologic Muesuem “GAMPS” of Scandicci.


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