Sant’Angelo in Colle

There is no certain information about the birth of the town, although some sources report that already existed in 715: in that year, as a result of a quarrel between the Bishop of Arezzo and Siena Adeodato Puperziano, one of the witnesses reported that the Diocese of Arezzo extends in Sancto Angelo Abollensis, a name which can be seen a reference to the old name of the country.  However, the first mention certain is 5 December 1208, a parchment of the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala in Siena.

Pieve San Michele Arcangelo Sant'Angelo in Colle.jpg

The church presents a simple stone façade with a gable roof, portal built in travertine and long Romanesque Windows. On the back is the stone and brick Bell Tower built in the mid-20th century. Inside,we can admire paintings by the Sienese School of the first half of the fourteenth century, such as the resurrection of Christ, the ecstasy of St Carlo Borromeo di Raffaello Vanni, Our Lady of the Rosary by Francesco Rustici, ecc. Behind the altar there is a polychrome wooden crucifix by a Sienese sculptor of the 18th century.

Main Sight

  • Parish church  San Michele Arcangelo
  • Church Madonna della Misericordia



  • Church  San Pietro
  • Il Palazzaccio,old tower


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