Sant’Angelo in Colle

There is no certain information about the birth of the country, although some sources report that already existed in 715: in that year, as a result of a quarrel between the Bishop of Arezzo and Siena Adeodato Puperziano, one of the witnesses reported that the Diocese of Arezzo extends in Sancto Angelo Abollensis, a name which can be seen a reference to the old name of the country.  However, the first mention certain is 5 December 1208, a parchment of the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala in Siena.

Pieve San Michele Arcangelo Sant'Angelo in Colle.jpg

Documented by 1212, has one nave. Presents a simple stone façade with a gable roof, portal built in travertine and long Romanesque Windows. On the back is the stone and brick Bell Tower built in the mid-20th century. Inside, the Madonna and child enthroned between Saints John the Baptist, Anthony and Stephen, fresco by the Sienese School of the first half of the fourteenth century; San Leonardo, fresco by the Sienese School of the late 14th century; the resurrection of Christ (1477), fresco by the Sienese school; the ecstasy of St Carlo Borromeo di Raffaello Vanni; Our Lady of the Rosary by Francesco Rustici. Behind the altar there is a polychrome wooden crucifix by Sienese sculptor of the 18th century.

Main Sight

  • Parish church  San Michele Arcangelo
  • Church Madonna della Misericordia



  • Church  San Pietro
  • Il Palazzaccio,old tower


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