For its dominant position was continued interference of the Sienese Republic in matters trequandine until in 1255 he imposed his jurisdiction. At the time of the war between Florence and Arezzo, the castle was the refuge of the Ghibellines and after the defeat of the aretini in the battle of Campaldino of 1289 Guelph Siena threatened to raze the Castle. Yielded by the Cacciaconti Staggia 18000 in 1309 to Staggia for lire, the Castle passed definitively under the Sienese Sock. In 1552 he became part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.
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Churches of Trequanda:
Parish Church of Saints Peter and Andrew
Church of the Madonna della Rosa
Church of the Madonna del Sodo
Church of the company of the Immaculate Conception
Town Hall
-The Tower of Molino a vento is an ancient colombaio built in the late 18th century, located in a forest of Oaks and cypresses not far from the city center.
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